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Entertaining enough leading up to the dastardly deed, then, aside from some historical backfill having little place save for absence of plot, we slog several hundred pages further on the same unflinchingly predictable trajectory hoping against hope for a meager plot twist to put us off the already crumb less trail but finding instead only the muster of collective wheezing offered the limpest of Hail Mary plot chucks attempting to achieve in its final ten pages what it could not in its previous 644..finding legs to run this shaggiest of dogs.


I enjoyed the first section, tolerated the second and only finished the book because I’d invested time and wanted to see what the big reveal was going to be. Ended up being underwhelming and a disappointment. I say this as a lover of John Grisham. This was not my favorite.

Tim Williford

I love John Grisham and I love love LOVE “The Reckoning.”


A long slog. I skipped many chapters due to lack of interest and found the ending to be boring. Waste of time.


Lack if grip very slow , not the intriguing fast pace story that identifies John Grisham


I guess even Tom Brady has awful days. Kept waiting for the book to pickup speed. Waiting for some legal brilliance- none. Some history of Bataan Death March, Philippine guerrilla action and the death penalty in Mississippi. Almost like descriptive prose was the equivalent of batting practice- when would the game start. Huge disappointment


I do not read courtroom dramas so I have not read much of Gresham. I have enjoyed his writing in the few I have read however. I chose this book because I knew he was a good writer and it was not a courtroom drama. I loved every page of it. The book’s story is tragic but easily imagined. He describes the war with such detail and the main character is wonderfully detailed. If he continues to write non legal books, I will be the first to purchase after reading this.

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