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Aricept basic pharmacokinetic parameters

Aricept delivery system depends on the form of a medication, Aricept extended-release tablets have gradual release of the main component. Aricept extended-release tablets show peak plasma levels within 6-9 hours post dose in comparison with Aricept film-coated tablets (3-4 hours post dose). The peak plasma levels for Aricept film-coated tablets are lower than for Aricept immediate release tablets. Aricept medication is well-absorbed in the body, the food does not produce any reducing effect on the absorption of the medication. Aricept can be taken with or without food. The elimination half-life of Aricept is approximately 70 hours, so the medication can be taken once a day. Aricept accumulates in plasma and reaches the steady state within 15 days. Aricept has four major metabolites. The medication is eliminated in the urine. The elimination of the medication is decreased in patients with hepatic problems.  Patients with kidney impairment do not have any differences in the clearance of the drug from other patients. According to the studies of Aricept, the medication has practically the same pharmacokinetic parameters in patients of different ages, races and genders.

Aricept 23mg

iCAIDP7C7 This dose of Aricept  does not work the same in all patients. Some man may stay the same or seem that get worse over time but slower than expected or seem get better in small ways. This drug is not for patients with  Alzheimer's disease. All people  with this disease get worse over time. The dose 23 mg may  longer to work or take several weeks. More people who used the dose 23 mg had more side effects, than people who used ARICEPT 10 mg. Many more patients taking this drug 23 mg experienced vomiting and nausea, than man taking this drug 10 mg. Other side effects that were seen more often with dose 23 mg were gastrointestinal bleeding/stomach ulcers/weight loss. But when men took it continuously for one to three weeks,  vomiting and nausea subsided.

What should you discuss with your doctor before taking it?

The patient may have allergy to this drug, because if you noticed the next condition call your provider or specialist of health, the doctor may to do special tests or regulate a dose:
  •     a history of stomach ulcers;
  •     seizure disorder (epilepsy or other ); or
  •     an urination problems or enlarged prostate;
  •     COPD-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or  asthma;
  •     slow heartbeats: a heart rhythm disorder ("sick sinus syndrome").
Do not take this drug if you are allergic to donepezil.