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Aricept dosing information and way of application

Aricept is a prescription medicine to treat mild, moderate, and severe Alzheimer's disease.

The doses of the medicine are 5 mg, 10 mg and 23mg tablets. The scheme of the treatment is 5 mg per day for 4-6 weeks, and then the dose is increased to 10 mg which should be taken for 3 months. Then the dose increase can be made up to 23 mg per day. It is important to use the lower dose of the drug during adjusted period of time and then gradually increase the dose.

Aricept 23 mg is indicated for moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease while other doses are prescribed for people with mild demonstration of the disease.

The medicine should be taken in accordance with all recommendations of your doctor.

In case of missed dose, take it as soon as you know about it. If it is time for the next dose, the missed dose should not be taken. Take the next dose and continue regular dosing regimen.

If you have occasionally taken more of Aricept, call your doctor right away. In case of overdose symptoms, get emergency medical help.

Aricept proper use

Aricept proper use is very important for achieving the necessary therapeutic results.

The medication should be used exactly as a medical professional prescribes you. Before having a surgery, a patient should (in advance) inform a doctor about using Aricept

The medicine is usually used with water, with or without food.

Orally disintegrating tablet (Aricept ODT) proper use:

  • The tablet should be taken from the blister just before use.
  • The medicine is taken with dry hands, and placed in the mouth.
  • The medicine should be dissolved in the mouth and then swallow the dissolved tablets.

It is recommended to use Aricept at bedtime.

Before application a person should learn certain information about Aricept including the side effects risks, contraindications, and possibility of other medicines use concomitantly with Aricept.

The information which your doctor must know about you:

History of any heart rhythm problems;

Slow heartbeats;

Enlarged prostate in men;

Epilepsy or other seizure disorders;

Asthma, pulmonary disease

If you are required to have a dental surgery or any other type of surgical procedure, it is necessary to inform a doctor beforehand. For the certain period of time Aricept may be stopped and then continued.

Aricept may impair the reactions and thinking of a patient. Driving and other risk involving activities should be avoided.

Aricept dosing information and way of application