Are sugar substitutes safe?

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Are sugar substitutes safe? The Studying in people without health problems who use the right amount of sweeteners instead of sugar are often harmless. The manufacturer group’s experimental results said that these products would not accumulate in the body. It does not cause allergic reactions or have a negative effect on the body. Does not affect the reproductive system It does not cause disease or side effects to health, however, although the manufacturer claims that these products are not harmful. But for safety Should be eaten in moderation. Especially those who have underlying disease or are undergoing treatment. It has been reported that taking high doses of sorbitol and mannitol can lead to bloating and diarrhea. If eaten in excess, it can cause negative effects.

Are sugar substitutes safe?

In terms of consumption Of course, a low-energy diet or drink from using a sugar substitute may be better than getting the same amount of regular sugar drinks. But with this advantage, it may adversely affect eating habits. Stimulating the urge to eat more often This is a behavior that may be vulnerable to some health problems that the study has not yet discovered.

Additionally, sweeteners may not always taste the same as sugar. 

Some species, when exposed to heat, may have a bitter and unnatural taste. Or some products contain a mix of sweeteners Therefore, it is important to study information and ingredients of that product before choosing to buy and eat. Also choose a sweetener that is suitable for the food to be cooked to avoid unpleasant taste.

The Ministry of Health recommends that Each day, adults should get no more than 24 grams of sugar or the equivalent of 6 teaspoons.Children and people over 60 years old should get no more than 16 grams of sugar, or 4 teaspoons of sugar equivalent for people with underlying medical conditions who are taking medication. womb Or breastfeeding The right amount of sugar may change depending on the physical condition. If you are a person who likes to eat sweets or drinks with sugar. Should limit your intake of sugar each day. Choose the right low-energy sweetener for exercise. This is because excessive consumption of sugar can be the cause of many chronic diseases.
Finally, sugar substitutes are the only potential options.