Bad breath problem

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Bad breath problem , Halitosis , or foul breath or English called the Bad breath’s , Halitosis  , which means the stench coming out of breath, can not smell. This excludes gases in higher concentrations that cannot smell.

Bad breath is a foul gas that arises in our body and is released through the breath. The source of bad breath can be in the mouth, in the throat, or in the nose.

Bad breath, in addition to being the cause of bad smell Bad breath also makes your personality bad as well. Causing a loss of confidence And some people may be in a stressful state And sometimes this problem can affect your job and your relationship with your closest people. Some people may view bad breath as a small issue, not a serious illness that needs to be treated. But for those who have this problem, we believe bad breath is definitely not a small thing.

Bad breath problem

How to test bad breath

1. Take a full breath Cover your mouth and nose with your hands. Then exhale from the mouth Then, inhale through the nose to smell that smells or not.
2. Lick the wrist and see it. Or in some people it may be rubbed on the gums with your fingers and bring the smell that is bad or not.
3. Spit out and try to smell the saliva. (Usually saliva is a clean and odorless secretion) If saliva smells, then it is contaminated with pathogens. And it is possible that the saliva is passed through the tonsil stones.
4. This method is absolutely sure. It is to ask someone close to help you tell if you have bad breath or not.

Causes of bad breath

  1. Failure to maintain good oral hygiene It can cause bad breath, such as unclean brushing, causing food stains or plaque to adhere to the tooth surface, tongue or cheek bulge.
  2. Melasma tongue, one of the causes of bad breath. A blemished tongue is caused by an accumulation of food debris and bacteria on the top surface of the tongue.
  3. Saliva also contributes to bad breath. If the saliva is low, it will not be able to wash away all the food particles, causing bad breath Even those with thick saliva will not be able to cleanse food debris as well as those with clear saliva. And this is the reason why when I wake up I often have bad breath. That is because while sleeping there is less saliva flow. Therefore, if the throat feels dry, dry mouth, drink water frequently.
  4. Limestone, the leading cause of bad breath If there is tartar, the dentist must scrape it off.
  5. Tooth decay causes food debris to get stuck in the cavity of the decayed tooth, causing spoilage and odor. Or those whose cavities penetrate the dental nerve cavity Causing pus at the end of the tooth root Which these pus have a very bad smell