Causes of alcohol poisoning.

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Causes of alcohol poisoning. Drinking large amounts of alcohol or alcoholic beverages for a short period of time. The liver which acts to drive alcohol out of the bloodstream. Inability to expel the alcohol in the body in time. It is the cause of alcohol poisoning. Which was unable to determine the exact duration of the symptoms.

But if drinking more than 12 standard drinks in a short time or have a blood alcohol level of 400 milligram percent or more will have a very high chance of alcohol poisoning It also depends on the body’s ability to absorb substances of the individual. and the type of drink that has a degree or concentration of alcohol how much, for example

  • Beer has an alcohol concentration of about 5%. There is 1 standard drink equal to 1 can or 1 small bottle of 330 ml.
  • Wine has an alcohol concentration of about 12%, with 1 standard drink equal to 1 glass or 100 ml.
  • Distilled spirits with an alcohol concentration of about 40% will have 1 standard drink equal to 3 caps or 30 ml.
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Symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

  • I started to panic, confused, speechless.
  • unable to balance
  • Drowsy, sleeping more than usual
  • semi-coma conscious but unable to respond
  • Vomiting a lot or vomiting blood
  • Breathing slower, heart beating faster than usual.
  • Your blood sugar is so low that it causes seizures. or died

First aid.

  • Call 1669 or call an ambulance urgently.
  • The patient should not be left alone. Monitor the patient’s condition at all times.
  • Try to awaken the patient’s consciousness, do not fall asleep, and support him in a sitting position.
  • If the patient is conscious, drink plenty of water.
  • Do not try to cause the patient to vomit. This can irritate the digestive tract and cause vomiting blood.
  • If the patient is unconscious or unconscious, lie on his side. Observe breathing until rescuers arrive.

First aid for a patient with alcohol poisoning is very important. If the caregiver or the person helping the patient understands how to properly care for the patient It will make the patient unconscious. The percentage of deaths is reduced and there is a greater chance of survival.

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