Causes of black armpits

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       What is causes of black armpits? Smooth and beautiful white underarms, anyone would want to have it, but tried many methods and still didn’t work. And in some ways it can cause allergic reactions and increase the darkening of the armpit problem. Even worse, skin inflammation. And another blister of chicken skin To cure it, it would not be easy. But it doesn’t mean that we cannot solve these problems. But we have to start to understand the reason why the armpits are blackened So that we can find a way to prevent and fix it in the right spot And can take care of the armpits to make them whiter and smoother easily.

The correct way to keep your armpits whiter, you can easily start doing it yourself at home. This starts with avoiding risk factors, using natural ingredients such as fruit masking which does not cause any side effects. Use a substance or product that helps to whiten the skin of your armpits. To the use of various beauty technologies to assist such as ionization or laser treatment.

Causes of black armpits

Causes of black armpits

        Black armpit causes can be caused by 2 factors: internal and external factors. Internal factors tend to be hereditary, congenital or may be caused by certain types of skin diseases. External factors are often the main cause of the darkening of the armpits and the impediment to the whitening. By various reasons as mentioned herein. It may happen to each person differently. Or some people may have a number of reasons together. So if these causes can be stopped. Your armpits will certainly be whiter. The reasons for that are as follows.

Birth or congenital family. Including some skin diseases 

such as diabetes (because the first warning signs of this disease are the neck and armpits. There are many black marks. That can not be rubbed), stomach cancer (Effect makes the armpits thick like black velvet)

Friction, which may be caused by weight gain Or wearing shirts that are too tight

Overweight Those who are overweight will accumulate excess fat in different areas, rent the folds under the forearm, causing the skin to squeeze and rub against each other on a regular basis, causing the skin in that area to darken

Inadequate cleanliness Lack of regular and poor skin care Does not scrub old skin cells from the skin. In addition to making the skin look dark and unclear, it may also cause itching and irritation until darkening of the skin.

Shaving, plucking and waxing Because it directly interferes with the skin Which, if done frequently or done in the wrong way, it may cause skin inflammation, roughness, ingrown hair blister problems Chicken skin And a dark dark mark can follow

Allergic reactions to deodorants, such as roll-ons, sprays, serums, or other products when used, have allergic reactions or irritation to the underarm skin, or rashes, itching, inflammation. And darkening the armpits

Pregnancy Because during pregnancy the hormones in the body will change that affect the skin pigment and darken the skin. Especially in the areas where the abrasion often occurs, such as the armpits and the folds, but the dark spots may heal on their own after giving birth within 3 months.