Causes of Urine Turbidity

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Urine Turbidity  is a condition in which the color of urine is cloudy and sediment. Not as clear or light yellow as usual. This may cause by external factors. Such as the use of drugs and eating certain foods or due to other causes that cause urine to have such characteristics, such as protein or urine impurity crystals. The body is dehydrated Infection within the urinary tract, etc.

Causes of Urine Turbidity

Urine that is cloudy when a new transfusion is done is abnormal urine. This could be caused by several reasons as follows

  • The body is very dehydrate
  • Have red blood cells in the urine or blood in urine
  • White blood cells in the urine from inflammation of the urinary tract organs. Also purulent urine from a urinary tract infection
  • Kidney stones or bladder stones
  • Urine may mixe with sperm, bacteria, parasites, or yeast.
  • Various chemical molecules leak out in the urine, such as protein, egg white, ketone.
  • Urine may contain crystals of certain substances such as phosphate crystals, urate crystals, from eating foods high in purine. 
  • The urine is contaminated with the feces in case of a perforation between the bladder and colon.
  • Vaginitis
  • Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea
  • Urine is cloudy, milky-like (Chyluria), urine containing lymph or fat. For example in elephantiasis From partial kidney surgery (partial nephrectomy) or from electric or sound waves (Ablative) hijacking for the treatment of certain diseases such as tumors or kidney accidents.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above. There are also factors that can affect levels of different chemicals or systems in the body and lead to cloudy or discolored urine, such as:

Certain foods.Eating large amounts of certain foods can alter the color of your urine, such as beetroot, blackberry.

Certain drugs The use of certain medications can cause changes in urine color. But will not cause harm to the patient

Sex in men is often sick with kidney stones or bladder stones. While women tend to get sick from urinary tract infections. And there may be symptoms of a vaginal discharge or an infection in the vagina.

The age of the elderly in some cases they are more likely to suffer from various diseases as the source of the cloudy urine, such as kidney disease than diabetes.

Family history People with family members suffering from kidney disease or kidney stones. There may be a risk of developing the same illness on your own.

Exercise Vigorous exercise or labor can increase the risk of illness or changes that affect the urinary system.