Down syndrome screening procedure

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Down syndrome screening procedure. Down’s syndrome can be diagnosed when the mother is 10-14 weeks pregnant. Depending on the availability of the embryo and the consideration of the doctor. And test results can also tell a chromosome abnormality that causes a type of Edwards syndrome and took Tourist Syndrome.

Down syndrome screening procedure

Down syndrome can be diagnosed in several ways. Each method has a different precision. The doctor may use the results of various methods to diagnose the disease. The overall accuracy of Down’s syndrome is not specific to one method. But it involves three main factors: 

  • Gestational age. Testing for Down syndrome in the first three months or the first trimester of pregnancy may be more accurate than testing in other trimesters.
  • Examination pattern Because each examination method has different accuracy. Test results from a variety of methods may help your doctor diagnose the disorder more accurately.
  • mother’s age As the age increases, the condition of the body will change. therefore may affect the results of the examination. In particular, mothers aged 35 and over may be at a higher risk of false test results than younger mothers. 

Down syndrome or chromosomal defect detection can be divided into two parts: screening tests and diagnostic tests. These two types of tests may be divided into other types of examinations as follows:


Screening Test is a test to look for signs of abnormalities. If the results of the screening test show signs of abnormalities. The doctor may perform a detailed and specific diagnosis more in the next orde. The methods of screening for Down syndrome.