Height and things you need to know!

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Growth hormone 

Which helps in the growth and have a strong emphasis on increasing the height, which is the most important.


Especially thyroxin hormone, which acts to stimulate bone development. If this hormone is deficient, it can lead to stature and dwarfism.

Height and things you need to know

Sex hormones

 like estrogen (Female hormone) and testosterone , it can help in growth as well. Especially during the start of being young. Because it stimulates the secretion of growth hormone to increase And stimulates the bones to stretch That is why adolescents grow up quickly.

Height and things you need to know!

  • Generally, women stop growing around age 17, while men stop taller around the age of 19 to 25. Each person is not the same. Which, if past this age, will not be able to increase the height as needed Therefore, for those who have the opportunity, they should not miss out on the best opportunities, because it means opportunities for life, social, work, which are almost all effective.
  • Did you know that research has shown that only 13% of women go on dates with men who are less tall than they are? Even if that man has a good appearance.
  • Another study indicated that 76% of men who were less tall than women were afraid to go out on dates with women who were taller than they were. This is due to a lack of self-confidence and a lot of thought that she will be rejected by the woman to date. The lower height of a man is therefore a major obstacle to love. And even in situations where there are competitors to win over the female side as well. This work will be a little tiring.
  • Another study that has significant implications for height is that. According to surveys in many countries, tall men tend to earn more than those with lower stature. Because the height can show the significance of power and intelligence.
  • The importance of height Did you know that some jobs require a lot of height? Be it almost any type of athlete, model, flight attendant or steward. It is like a competition that has it all. Therefore, people with a large body have a greater advantage in the competition and in many other professions, if you observe, you will see that there is a standard height set. As a criterion for recruiting The reason is because of the overall good personality of the organization. For example, if being a steward, you must be 165 cm or more, while the flight attendant must be 160 cm or more. but if you are a model, you must be tall. 165 cm or more, models are around 175 cm or more.