How to exercise safely during COVID

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How to exercise safely during COVID ? In fact, during the Covid-19 outbreak or when the PM2.5 dust cost is very high, we would like to recommend you to exercise at home as much as possible. But if you want to exercise outdoors to relieve some boredom, there are some suggestions as follows.

How to exercise safely during COVID?

     1. Choose to exercise in a place where people are not crowded. And keep a distance of more than 10 meters from other people to prevent droplets caused by rapid breathing. which may spread to the person behind more than usual when being blown by the wind while running.

     2. try to switch from running to other exercises. Such as yoga, but if you really want to walk and run, you can use walking exercises for about 30 minutes or alternate walking and running.   

     3. Don’t force yourself too much. If you are tired, you must stop immediately.

     4. If you start to catch your breath, find an open corner with no people. Remove the mask and take a deep breath.

     5. Do not bring your hands to touch your face. and unnecessarily touching surfaces in public places

     6. After exercising, wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol gel

     7. After exercising, you should hurry back to your accommodation. Do not continue to socialize or go to crowded areas.

     8. Arrive at the accommodation to take a shower, wash your hair and change clothes immediately.

   Exercise is important to boost our immune system in another way. But in addition, should eat nutritious food. get enough sleep And to prevent contracting COVID-19. You should wear a mask when going outside, wash your hands regularly, keep distance and avoid going to slum areas. According to reports by ufabet