How to grow hair fast

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How to grow hair fast

How to grow hair fast ? Washing your hair is an important way to accelerate hair growth, which helps in accelerating the hair growth. Start by washing your hair every other day with clean water and suitable pH. While washing your hair, massage your hair and scalp as well. By pressing and massaging your fingers on various points on your head for at least 3 minutes, it is another way to stimulate blood circulation as well. Which will accelerate the growth of the hair to grow faster And while shampooing, you bend your head down for about 3 minutes, when finished washing your hair, should gently wipe the hair and do not rub or blow your hair at all.

How to grow hair fast

How to comb your hair

 It is a good way to prevent hair loss. And do not comb your hair when your hair is wet But if you’re combing, you should use a wide tooth comb instead, and start combing from the ends of your hair to loosen any tangles. Combing your hair about 50-100 times more, it accelerates hair growth. But it should not be combed too often. Because it may cause the hair to fall off

Choosing a brush Should choose to use a brush with soft bristles.

 By gently brushing the hair with the bristles in contact with the scalp during brushing. This will help stimulate hair growth as well.

Regularly trimming split ends every 6 weeks will help keep the nutrients to the rest of the hair to be fully maintained. Which will make our hair grow faster as well It also eliminates split ends in the hair.

Stimulation with exercise for the hair By bending your head down and hold for about 30 seconds, then slowly lift your head to do this every day on a regular basis. It is another important way to grow hair faster.

Food choices such as protein, meat, soy milk, to help repair and protect your hair. 

This will reduce the loss of hair. And it also makes your hair healthier and grow faster. Or eating foods that help increase blood flow in the body, such as fish, vegetables, fruits, etc., can make hair grow faster as well. And spicy food from chili, it can also help long hair as well. In addition, drinking fresh water and fruits and vegetables on a regular basis is also necessary.

Avoid eating certain foods, such as those containing MSG or fermented foods.

Find a way to get rid of stress. Because stress directly affects the health of the body Causing different systems to work poorly Including hair growth as well