How to increase height

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Exercise to increase height

How to increase height ? exercise that provides stretching of the body for about 30-60 minutes a day, whether it is jumping rope, basketball, swimming, volleyball, or trapeze exercises (hanging bar), etc., are all contributing to All height. This is quite effective because exercise helps stimulate the secretion of growth hormones to increase.

How to increase height

Increase height 

by jumping high often, jumping as high off the ground as you can. Which may be able to jump in place The way to jump is to split into 10 sets at a time and do more than 5 sets.

Healthy food choices And should focus on foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Because many types of vitamins are involved in growth. This will help increase the height as well. But what is indispensable is Focus on eating foods that contain protein and calcium as well. And cannot be broken by either

How to increase body height

 By eating 5 food groups and eating 3 meals every day (morning, lunch, dinner)

Increase your height by drinking 2 glasses of milk a day after meals (morning and night) because milk is rich in calcium, which is important for growth and bone.

Get enough sleep and time

 You shouldn’t stay up late, as growth hormones like growth hormones are released between midnight and 5 in the morning.  And growth hormone will be released if you sleep soundly While sleeping awake causes very little growth hormone to be released.

Refrain from drinking soft drinks Alcoholic beverages And refrain from smoking if possible

Stretching height with a straightening machine Another helper you may need to invest a little bit. But it will be quite effective. The function of this machine is to increase the height by stretching the torso and joints. Which creates more space or gaps It’s like playing sports like basketball and volleyball.