How to reduce calves

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How to reduce calves,Large calves  would be a problem for many girls, more than 80% that it has to be faced with this problem. The fact that we have big legs like a table is fun Or have liquid calves as a cellulite wave It may cause many people to lack confidence in themselves. Undermine confidence Wherever you go out, it’s so troubled. Will grab only the pants to wear The beautiful skirt I bought was not put into it.

How to reduce calves

How to reduce calves

 First of all, we need to understand how many types of calves there are? Calves or calves, there are two types of calves that are big because of fat. (Because of obesity) and large calves because of the muscles.  In which to solve the problem, we must first know what causes our large calves. Because it will be treated properly

For how to observe If we are large calves because of the muscles. When I try to tiptoe, we will have more muscles in our children, and when we look at the calf. It will become solid, which means that we are big because of the muscles. But if your calves are big because they are fat, then notice that the lower calves above the ankles will look plump.

Most of the time, women have bigger calves because they are more muscular than fat (more than 90%), while growing calves because fat or obesity is less. Most of the causes are inherited mainly. (But if anyone is born with beautiful legs with heredity, it is fortunate to go), but it does not happen to everyone. Some people rarely do anything, the muscles grow, the calves swell, while others exercise to die. That’s what it is called heredity. And another important reason is that it is caused by a lot of leg labor or due to exercise in the wrong way or in a form of energy, etc. Now let’s look at how to reduce calves better.

How to reduce calf muscles

  1. Know how to choose food with a diet as well. Focus on eating a lot of fiber. Reduce your intake of protein and carbohydrates. (But if you eat too little protein, it may cause your muscles to be smaller too. Therefore, the quantity should be reduced appropriately), which in principle, if wanting to have smaller calves, then have to reduce the whole body model
  2. The labor of the calf muscles must be minimized. Because, as usual, if a muscle is not being used, it will eventually atrophy. This may be done by sitting, standing, walking, running properly.
  3. Smart ride That is, sit upright and place your feet on the floor. Do not sit and tiptoe and do not sit squatting (ancient toilets).
  4. Stand properly, straight up, chest not hunched, slightly pushing your shoulders back. And does not stand on toes on either side It will help the calves and legs do not have to get too much weight. Protect the calves as well.
  5. Walk as you should, walk straight, stretch your chest, push your shoulders back slightly. Should not bow Eyes looking straight ahead Then stepping forward with the heel to the ground before the toe is always Because the heel will support the body weight better This will not cause the calves to bear too much weight.