How to treat blackheads

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It starts with taking care of yourself.

How to treat blackheads. We can reduce pimples by simple methods by keeping the face clean. Try not to face it If your face is oily during the day, use a tissue to absorb it instead of blotting paper. Or you can wash your face with plain water and dry your face. And should not wash your face more than 2 times a day, try to use cosmetics that help absorb it. Choose a light skin care product, such as a gel or lotion. And used in small quantities To reduce clogging around the pores And eat healthy food in the right proportion Focus on eating lots of fruits and vegetables and avoiding fatty foods. Drink 6-8 glasses of clean water a day.

How to treat blackheads

Avoiding risky behaviors How to treat blackheads

Treatment must be accompanied by prevention. You should avoid risky behaviors that could lead to blackheads, either as a greasy factor or a factor that triggers enlarged pores, such as over-nourishing your facial skin. Squeeze blackheads or press pimples by yourself. Including facial massages, facial scrubbing, frequently wiping the face vigorously until it interferes with pores. This makes pores large and becomes clogged so easily that it becomes an endless problem.

Benzoyl peroxide

BP medications used to apply on your face before washing 2 times daily morning and evening or at bedtime. To apply and leave it for about 10 minutes, then rinse with clean water. This drug works to reduce the amount of sebum on the skin and help dissolve impurities that clog the pores. Thereby reducing the blockage of the sebaceous glands. Beginners should be used at a low concentration first or a 2.5% dose once the skin has become used to the drug. Therefore gradually increasing the length of time And increase the drug concentration to 5% or 10%. Fat clogging will be dissolved. But the black hair ingrown hair may have to be combined with other methods such as pressing out.

Choose AHA and BHA products ( How to treat blackheads )

because they will help soften the sebum. Allows us to easily remove pimples When we can remove pimples from our pores. Must tighten pores with toner immediately Just as it can reduce the occurrence of pimples already. For BHA products, it may not be easy to find. Even though it’s called BHA (Beta hydroxyl acid), it says Salicylic acid on the label, and we don’t even know if it contains enough BHA to help dissolve fat. Therefore making people impatient feel that it is slow to see results Therefore, if you want a faster aid than BHA , a retinoidis recommended(Image: