How to treat cracked heels.

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How to treat cracked heels. Heels are thick and cracked. It’s a problem that can happen to anyone. But not everyone knows how to solve this problem on their own. Let’s go to take care.

Causes of cracked heels.

  1. dry or cold weather 
  2. Dehydration, drinking less water 
  3. Take a shower with lukewarm water that’s too hot. 
  4. Soaking in hot water for too long or too often 
  5. Use a soap that dries the skin. 
  6. Do not apply a nourishing cream that keeps the feet moist. 
  7. foot scrub 
  8. Wearing shoes that don’t care for your feet or open your feet too much. 
  9. Obesity, overweight 
  10. suffering from diabetes 

Danger of thick heels, cracked heels.

If there is a lot of swelling, redness and pain around the cracked heel may be at risk of injury. If the wound is not well cared for may be at risk of pus If symptoms do not relieve even after trying various treatments already by myself. You should see a doctor or a podiatrist to detect infection and promptly treat.

For diabetics and obese people. If left until the wound is deep and not treated. May be at risk of serious infections. You should see your doctor as well.

How to treat cracked heels by yourself.

  1. Use nourishing creams, pills, or products that moisturize your skin. for cracked heels
  1. Drink enough water each day. Men drink 3-3.5 liters of water a day, women drink 2-2.5 liters of water a day. Staying hydrated increases overall skin hydration. including heels
  2. Choose a soap that helps nourish the skin. Contains nourishing substances (such as moisturizers, vitamin E, etc.) that are hypoallergenic. does not irritate the skin and does not dry out the skin Do not use soaps that contain strong chemicals or that have drying ingredients.
  3. Avoid very hot or very hot baths, do not soak your feet in water for a long time. and not bathing for too long
  4. Choose shoes with soft soles. If someone is overweight You might consider opting for a rubber sole or a floor with material to help relieve weight and pressure on your feet. Avoid sandals or hard-soled shoes.
  5. Do not wear shoes that are too tight.
  6. Check your feet health regularly. Do not allow it to dry, crack, and cause a wound. If it is a wound, it should be treated quickly.