How to whiten your armpits yourself

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        How to whiten your armpits yourself ? Taking care of your armpits to whiten can be done in a number of ways. But may have to consider several elements. To make the skin around the armpit white smooth as efficiently and safely as possible. This can be done by avoiding the risk factors that cause the armpits to darken as mentioned above. And white skin by various methods at the same time, some of which may be easily done by yourself, but some may have to rely on medical beauty technology. The results may vary from person to person. For how to whiten your armpits by yourself, they are as follows.

whiten your armpits yourself

See cleanliness regularly.

 To keep the body clean Reduce the cause of bacteria or dirt that can cause itching and irritation of the underarm skin.

Stop scrubbing or scratching your armpits vigorously 

when you shower, rub soap, or when scrubbing your armpits. When wiping after showering, it should also be gently blotting with a towel. This is to avoid the underarms from being scratched and black due to friction.

Wear the right clothes 

Because wearing clothes that are too tight can cause friction that can cause darkening of the underarm skin. Especially when exercising We should choose to wear synthetic clothes that drain sweat well. Avoid clothing made of cotton. Or, if you’re going for a good deal, wear a sports bra. Because it will help reduce the abrasion as well

Keep your weight in check. 

By exercising and choosing foods that are beneficial. Because being overweight can cause squeeze in the armpit. The friction and darkening of the armpit followed. Plus, being overweight can lead to a number of diseases that can cause darkening of the armpits, such as diabetes, elephant skin disease, etc.

Avoid armpits removal or waxing. 

To reduce disturbances of the skin under the arms Does not cause dermatitis, bumps, ingrown hairs and chicken skin problems Then temporarily switch to shaving the armpit hair (Recommend to save money for laser hair removal Then you can come up with a way to lighten your armpits later) because shaving your armpits can cause rough skin and ingrown hairs under the skin to look like spots or dark spots. Or shaving armpits using a blunt blade can cut or scratch the skin, causing the armpits to black. (If you need to shave, it is recommended that you change the razor blade to always be sharp)

Stop using underarm products that cause skin irritation. 

try to avoid products that contain fragrances and alcohol. You can also try modifying products that are gentle on the skin or a natural deodorant or made with natural ingredients, such as alum.