Is it good to marry and how?

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The importance of marriage

Is it good to marry and how? Marriage is a dream of many people ever, especially women who dream that one time she will wear a beautiful bride. Ready to throw a bouquet of flowers on their wedding day It also dreams of a very happy couple life as well. Which at present Some people may get married at a young age. Or some people get married at a very old age. Thus raising controversial questions often Whether the marriage is too early or too late is good or not, and will it affect anything? Today we will talk about the good things about marriage. Either the marriage was too late or too early. And that marriage What are the pros and cons?

Is it good to marry and how?

First, let’s talk about the pros and cons of being married. In general, if the marriage is said to have some advantages, it would not be. Because sometimes it has disadvantages hidden as well. In the happiness of being married, there may also be suffering from fighting. And what are the pros and cons of that marriage? Let’s see

The advantages of marriage

Marriage is the starting point for a family. It is obvious that most men who do not want to marry and have children. But marriage will be the most important foundation for building a stable family and having children to inherit the heirs. In addition, marriage also helps to raise social status. Because in some societies, married couples are more privileged than unmarried couples.

Have a greater chance of success in life

Having a good marriage will help men feel more secure. Because from the research it was found that Men are more successful when they get married. Even if having a wife who is a good partner can make life even better. Because you don’t have to worry about dating Thus making it more comfortable, comfortable and devoted to work For example, in Western society, it is viewed that marriage among women has the effect of making the image of the work more believable. Because it is an indicator of maturity Have mental stability Therefore, it is trusted to work more than the unmarried couple. 

This is consistent with the research of sociologist Steven L. According to Nock, from the University of Virginia, married men often do well and pay well. Moreover, there is a higher donation rate to help society or participate in religious activities more often than single men. Which experts believe Marriage can help change men. Because it makes them more mature And Nock’s research also confirms that Marriage enhances the image and masculinity. This will drive him to be more successful in life. It also makes them more open-minded and aware of their own and others’ safety.

Someone helps to share the costs

 although the marriage is more expendable than before. But because if both of you have income together with both of them Therefore making that part of the expenditure Became quite a small expenditure Because sometimes if you try to calculate from your total income To deduct the cost The remaining money may be more than when you were not married. It’s also easier for the two of you to buy things that cannot be bought alone, such as a new house, a new car, traveling to a place you want to go to, etc.

Can help each other 

Of course, having a good partner will help you get through all the obstacles, as he will cheer you up when you’re feeling down and tired. Become a friend, partner and mentor when you have problems. To support each other in order to do something Help to lighten your burden less. The tension eased. And share the misery and happiness with you.