Tricks to lose weight like IF to see results quickly.

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          For anyone who chooses to lose weight by fasting or doing IF, whether it’s the 8/16 formula or the more rocky formula. But I feel that just skipping the diet according to the course may not be enough to lose weight quickly as I want it to be. So let’s check out some fasting tips that might help you reach your lose weight goals faster. Let’s see what needs to be done more. You can beautiful.

1. Drink more water.

          Especially after waking up The body will feel very thirsty, so wake up and try to drink a large glass of water. which in addition to helping to quench thirst relieve the feeling of hunger Freshen up Drinking water after waking up is good for the gut. Helps in excretion and has many other health benefits.

2. Use coffee, herbal tea as a helper.

          In addition to water, IF can also be consumed with calorie-free beverages such as black coffee without sugar, herbal teas, water with lemon. Water mixed with mint Or just plain soda, these flavorful waters will help quench your appetite for a while. The caffeine UFABET from black coffee or herbal tea also stimulates the alertness of the body Boost your metabolism, too.

3. Get used to hunger.

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          Fasting is not something your body is used to. So when you leave yourself hungry Many people may not feel as good. Until they may abandon their intentions and lose Fasting, which if left like that, of course, doing IF will still lose weight. Let’s just say don’t miss out on your IF goals and try to get used to your hunger. Think in your head that being hungry will cause your body to use stored fat for energy. And that’s the way to lose weight like IF!

4. Download the app for Fasting.

          There are several fasting apps to choose from, either Zero or LIFE fasting to help control our fasting time more precisely. The stored fat is used as energy as well. It is very suitable for people who have done IF for a while and feel tired of being hungry. Click on the app for a bit and you will feel more excited to continue doing IF.

5. Start IF after dinner.

          The time to choose Fasting is very important. because if we choose to fast during the resting period It will deal with feelings of hunger better. And most of the time doing IF like this will also have a higher percentage of success. However, if your lifestyle is a nocturnal worker and sleeps during the day, it is recommended to choose the Fasting time during the day before going to bed instead.

6. Choose good food to keep your calories in check.

          Focus on eating good protein, good fats, green leafy vegetables, and lots of water. Avoid carbs and sugar as much as possible. The better we control our diet, the faster the IF results will be seen.

7. Move a lot.

          if you don’t want to exercise because you’re afraid that you won’t be able to. We can add activities during the day. By walking a lot, getting up often, or doing housework, gardening, playing with pets Do whatever you can to keep your body moving. It will help burn the accumulated fat in another way.

8. Exercise before eating the first meal.

           Diet control combined with exercise It will help us lose weight faster. More effective, like IF as well, if we can exercise before eating the first meal. It will help the body draw more fat accumulated. Make it thin faster.