What causes migraine headaches?

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What causes migraine headaches? Migraine headaches are caused by a chemical disorder in the brain that is only temporary. This disorder causes the brainstem to be stimulated. Blood vessels in the brain constrict and relax more than usual. Thus causing a throbbing pain in the head. In addition, there are other factors. that can trigger migraine headaches to aggravate, such as .

Young woman with headache in home interior
  • Lights and bright sunlight or flashing lights
  • hot weather
  • office syndrome 
  • Certain foods, such as cheese, alcohol, MSG, caffeine, processed foods (sausage, ham, bacon).
  • strain 
  • sleep deprivation not enough rest
  • decreased estrogen It’s called menstrual migraine. or migraine headaches after childbirth 

preliminary self-diagnosis Do we have migraine headaches?

Who has frequent headaches Sometimes it feels like a headache on one side. But I’m not sure if it’s a migraine or not. Try to diagnose yourself initially based on the criteria set by the International Headache Society (IHS) which are: 

  • Headache persists for 4 hours – 3 days.
  • Headache on one side, throbbing headache, severe headache that can’t work
  • have a headache with nausea, vomiting, allergy to light or noise

If you have 2 out of 3 of these symptoms, be suspicious and assess yourself first. We may have migraine headaches.