What is a face toner?

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What is a face toner? Before knowing which toner brand is good and which is the best toner for us Let’s try to understand each other first. Toner is many things. People overlook and do not care about it. Because it makes it look complicated and too many steps Which from asking many people, which is often followed by an answer Not used or is it necessary? So let’s see what a toner is. What is the duty And how to use it, what do I need to do?

what is a toner ?

Toner is used as the last step after washing your face. The main function is to help clean. To make sure the skin is clean and free of any impurities

Toner means skin toning, it is an aid in adjusting the skin before applying a moisturizer. Is like a way to moisturize the skin And the important function of the toner is Helps make-up absorbed very well and penetrates deeper into the skin. In addition, toner It also helps to balance the skin. Reduces oiliness on the face. Helps tighten pores Moisturizes the skin for people with dry skin after washing the face. And also helps to maintain balance on the skin as well

Things you should know about toner ,What is a face toner?

  1. Toner is not a skin care cream. Do not think that it will moisturize your face or think that you do not need to apply a moisturizer.
  2. If you have acne, avoid alcohol-based toners. Because it will make the skin more dry and accelerate the excretion of sebum.
  3. You can’t stay home. You don’t need to use a toner. Or to be used for special skin care needs, it doesn’t matter
  4. Don’t expect a toner to be a skin cleanser at all. It is only an additional aid in cleaning. Therefore, it should wash your face in the first step to be clean as well.
  5. A good toner shouldn’t contain too much acid. Because it will make the sebaceous glands work harder Due to the lack of oxygen in the skin
  6. Toner When applied, makeup should be applied immediately or applied after using toner within 1-2 minutes before the opened channel will evaporate.
  7. If there are many cosmetics that must be applied It should be applied to each body and leave for about 3 minutes to penetrate into the skin before applying a new one
  8. Toner also helps make makeup last longer.