What type of cellulite is called?

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What type of cellulite is called? What is cellulite ? Cellulite , also known as the ” orange peel “, is the rising fat cells that accumulate under the skin. It has a rough, gnarled appearance, similar to the skin of an orange or bergamot skin They are often found in the thighs, hips, arms, and abdomen.Some people grow wavy because of the accumulated fat deposits mixed with waste and water in the bag. Each lump of fat is wrapped in a sticky crust. Which makes it visible from the outside and see the curls of fat. Cellulite is different from normal body fat that we can easily get rid of by exercise. But cellulite cannot be removed as easily as that. Because it requires both skin massage and exercise And dieting together So it can effectively get rid of cellulite.

What is cellulite

Cellulite problem It is not often found only with obese people. But in some thin women there is also cellulite. In men it is less fat than women. And most of them are muscles. Cellulite problems are less common than women. Except for some men who are very obese, they have cellulite as well. More than 90 percent of women older than 20 years are likely to develop symptoms of cellulite buildup. Genetic and ethnic factors are a part. For example, Europeans have more cellulite than Asian people.

What type of cellulite is called?

You can try a simple check by taking a hand to hold the abdomen out for half an inch. Or on the upper side of the arm and use the other hand to pull the fat layer of the stomach out taut If it is found that our skin looks like orange skin or bergamot skin. That is, ” cellulite ” if left. Over the next few days, it will begin to see more clearly without pinching or pinching.

Types of cellulite

  • Soft Cellulite is the most common type of cellulite found in women aged 20-30. Soft undulating streaks The cause is most often genetic.
  • Hard Cellulite is the most common cellulite found in women aged 20-40. When squeezed, it appears to be a small hard lump, often found on the buttocks and hips.
  • Flaccid Cellulite is cellulite that is commonly seen in women over 40 and rarely exercise. Which will look like a soft fat mass There is sagging of the skin and muscle weakness. It can be found often around the abdomen, waist, abdomen, arms and chin.
  • Edmatous Cellulite is a cellulite commonly found in people with poor blood flow. There is a congestion of lymph Until it looks like edema, when it is pressed and then dent it is most common around the hips, thighs, where there is a sensitive skin, the blood vessels are clearly visible and swollen
  • Mixed Cellulite is the most common type of cellulite, in the same person there are different types of cellulite. From types 1-4, they are often found in married women and in non-exercise adults. Or those who like to eat foods such as fat, fried, sugar and starch too much