Why does tying my hair give me a headache?

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Hair tied and headache 

Why does tying my hair give me a headache? Girls have you ever been that? Tie your hair and get a headache every time. Of course, this headache comes from tying your hair in a ponytail, but why, including cutting your hair, can it help? We have the answer. 

Why does tying my hair give me a headache?

Why does tying my hair give me a headache? 

Even the hair has no nerves But under the scalp is full of sensitive nerves. To tie your hair together is to hold those nerves together. Therefore, it is not surprising that tying your hair can cause a headache. 

It’s not just tying your hair that’s causing your headache. But wearing head accessories such as hats, headbands, turbans can also cause headaches.

by the group of people who will have symptoms Tie your hair and get headaches. The most is people who have problems with migraine headaches. and headache tension or a headache in the forehead 

Solving the problem of hair tie and headache 

The solution is very simple. is not tied If you tie your hair and have a headache, loosen the hair and massage it in circular motions over the headache area. The symptoms will gradually improve in 1 hour. 

 Another method is to loosen the bundled hair periodically, every 30 minutes, or depending on the individual’s nerve sensitivity. so that the nerves too tense 

But if you really want results, cut your hair short or change your hairstyle instead of keeping it long. I will be the most excited Not just a headache But it also makes me feel very relieved.