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Good eating!! 

Good eating well should not be difficult in life, should not suffer, should not cause quarrels with people around you.  Eating well should be done regularly. And see really better results.  Changing the way we eat is very important for us to have better health, better

Reveal the secret to beautiful teeth.

Everyone’s charm lies in their smiles. And will smile to be engraved on the subject of “teeth” is important to me. In fact, teeth are a very overworked organ. But they are often ignored and care for only when we have to treat them. In other words if

Tricks to lose weight like IF to see results quickly.

          For anyone who chooses to lose weight by fasting or doing IF, whether it’s the 8/16 formula or the more rocky formula. But I feel that just skipping the diet according to the course may not be enough to lose weight quickly as I want

Change your mindset on days when you don’t want to work.

Change your mindset. I believe that many people will have to meet. Tired of work ? But the truth is that we all have to work. Because work is a big part of one’s life. In fact, it can be called a large part of one’s life. So if

Causes of alcohol poisoning.

Causes of alcohol poisoning. Drinking large amounts of alcohol or alcoholic beverages for a short period of time. The liver which acts to drive alcohol out of the bloodstream. Inability to expel the alcohol in the body in time. It is the cause of alcohol poisoning. Which was unable

Paracetamol if not careful. Your liver is damaged!

Paracetamol pain reliever Use to reduce fever in children and adults. It is a common home remedy that is not dangerous. if use correctly and appropriately. It is important knowledge. How to use the drug Take no more than 2 tablets (1,000 mg) and no more than 8 tablets

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5 ways to cure constipation.

Tips for people who frequently suffer from constipation. Try to follow these 5 items. confirm that it will work for healthy. Choose foods that are high in fiber. There are many foods that are high in fiber. But the fiber that helps with excretion is green leafy vegetables, rather

How to treat cracked heels.

How to treat cracked heels. Heels are thick and cracked. It’s a problem that can happen to anyone. But not everyone knows how to solve this problem on their own. Let’s go to take care. Causes of cracked heels. dry or cold weather  Dehydration, drinking less water 

How to exercise safely during COVID

How to exercise safely during COVID

How to exercise safely during COVID ? In fact, during the Covid-19 outbreak or when the PM2.5 dust cost is very high, we would like to recommend you to exercise at home as much as possible. But if you want to exercise outdoors to relieve some

Why does tying my hair give me a headache?

Why does tying my hair give me a headache?

Hair tied and headache  Why does tying my hair give me a headache? Girls have you ever been that? Tie your hair and get a headache every time. Of course, this headache comes from tying your hair in a ponytail, but why, including cutting your hair,