‘Carragher’ understands VAR ignored Liverpool’s penalty

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Jamie Carragher, the legendary Liverpool defender, admits he understands that Jeremy Dogu’s collision with Alexis Mac Allister was not enough of a penalty at the VAR room. until causing the former agency Can’t wait to win in injury time, opening home to Manchester City 1-1

in injury time in the last minute of the big match at Anfield. There was a problem when Dogu received a corner kick. He pumped the ball and raised his foot into Mac Allister’s chest, causing the “Reds” side to sue for a penalty.

However, Michael Oliver was on the field, allowing play to continue and the VAR room, led by Stuart Atwell. It took approximately 20 seconds to check and did not signal a reversal of the decision, causing Jurgen Klopp’s team to miss out on the winning goal. ยูฟ่าเบท http://ufabet999.app

After the match ended, a Sky Sports reporter who was close to the VAR room revealed that he heard the referee team. After discussing it, it was seen that Dogu placed his feet in a reasonable position and played to the ball. Therefore it was not considered a foul on Allister. Klopp’s

side gave an interview after the game that made it clear. The team should have received a penalty 100 percent, but Carragher, as a club legend Sees it a little differently.

“I think Dogu almost tried to pull his foot away but couldn’t. And if Oliver had pointed out a penalty, VAR probably wouldn’t have reversed the decision.” The former Liverpool defender expressed his view. “

At the same time, I think there are rules that… It is not written in the world of football. That is, the penalty moment must have been caused by something more. So Dogu was lucky, but I can see that. Why didn’t the referee give a foul?”

Micah Richards, a former Manchester City player, also commented. “It was a moment that caused drama. But I agree with Carragher.”

Manchester United legend Roy Keane was watching as a mediator. He saw it in the same way as his fellow professionals. “Doku was very lucky. He raised his feet very high. But I don’t think any force was used. So the referee made the correct call.”