Gary Neville asks for credit leader Conte.

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Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville has asked the industry to accept his predecessor’s stubborn opposition to Manchester United wanting Antonio Conte. As their new manager from the end of 2021. This coach’s personality is good. Until the time of proving sacred words.

Going back to the beginning of the 2021-22 season. The work of United’s former team manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer began to spin until there was a bounce. Because Conte was unemployed after Inter Milan split. With this idea having points like Rio Ferdinand of BT Sport supports.

But Neville has been a vocal opponent of the idea. Knowing the 53-year-old’s personality is a stickler. Plus they like to drop bombs on the agency when the promotion ends. Teams like Chelsea or ‘Nerazzurri’ have all been hit UFABET

The conclusion of the story is that Conte becomes the boss. ‘Chicken Golden Spikes’ at the beginning of Nov. 2021. As for Seoul Cha was rebounded after about 3 weeks. 

People in the industry scolded the ‘Red Devils’ for moving slowly until making a good manager slip out of hand, having to finish the 2021-22 season empty with the treatment of the team’s manager Ralf Rangnick, until he started spawning with Eric Ten Hag In the new season, the team gradually returned to shape. 

However, Neville wants to see the lessons of Spurs who fell in love with Conte in the first place, but the conclusion is another failure of a well-profile coach. Not guaranteed to lead Tottenham to unlock the championship again since 2008, plus the working atmosphere, football style is all negative.

“Conte has always been very good at Spurs achieving the goals they want. But in the end, enough Not getting in the right place is notorious. ”

Gary Neville commented.

“That’s why I didn’t want him at United because he always had that history.”

“What happened in the last few months was just confrontation. which is not necessary to happen When they are contending for the top 4 in the league, they could reach third if they win. Southampton That is where Tottenham should be able to do that.”

“I don’t see the need to face each other, the dressing room is exhausted with Conte’s way, the head coach is tired of the players. until it reached the breaking point It was an inevitable ending.”

“It’s also no surprise that he had to leave because of that kind of personality. I believe that in the next job interview, I must say that Antonio did a great job. Because even his own right hand (Christian Stellini) has kept Tottenham.” 

Conte ‘s managerial profile is out of work for a long time as he has been linked with Juventus , Inter Milan and Serie A ‘s Roma .