Keane slams Hojlund for being too blunt in Manchester United

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Keane slams Hojlund for being too blunt in Manchester United’s win over Wigan.

Roy Keane’s attack on Rasmus Hoylund was too dull and too easy to miss. Until being unable to score from many opportunities. That were available during the game, Manchester United defeated Wigan Athletic 2-0.

Roy Keane, the legendary midfield captain of Manchester United, slams Rasmus Hoylund, the young striker of the Red Devils. It’s too dull and too easy to miss. Until being unable to score a goal from the many opportunities that were available During the 2-0 FA Cup 3rd round win over Wigan Athletic last Monday.

In this latest game, Hoylund was fit to return to the starting lineup and had 4-5 chances to pull the trigger.

But they all fell short. The closest thing was the moment his header hit the crossbar, which Keane said: “The fact is tonight United stuck to the same old habits. Theirs is a lack of sharpness. Many golden opportunities have been missed. And I would be very angry at Hojlund if I were his coach.”

“He missed many opportunities. And we said oh… It’s a bit unlucky.”

“But actually those moments were all great opportunities. He should stop acting so much. And you can send the ball into the goal!”

Another critic, Ian Wright, former Arsenal striker, saw it in the same direction. Although some weight may be given to the Danish striker’s bad luck. “Speaking as a striker, I have some sympathy for Hoylund, but in this game we saw many opportunities. Which he should use to score goals.”

“Opportunity to head against the crossbar It’s the rhythm that will make you sleepless. Because he can see the child from the time his friend opened it until he used a headbutt. He’s in a good position. But he used the top of his head to head. In fact, you should use your forehead to press the ball to the ground more.”

“On another occasion, Hoylund must consider unlucky because the ball bounced very quickly. So it ended up hitting his knee instead.” He told ทางเข้า ufabet

Hoylund scored a total of 6 goals for Manchester United from 24 appearances in all competitions. After moving from Atalanta for a fee of 64+8 million pounds, million pounds in the summer.