Klopp is very confused as the Swans were ignored

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Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp is confident his team should have been awarded a penalty in injury time. For the home game that was tied with Manchester City 1-1 last night,

John Stones scored to give Manchester City a lead from the first half, but Alexis Mac Allister scored a penalty. It helped Liverpool equalise, and they pressed on throughout the second half until they almost scored a goal several times.

Even during injury time, there was an issue to talk about when Jeremy Dogu lifted his foot and hit Mac Allister in the chest, causing him to fall in the penalty area. Michael Oliver, the referee in this game, ignored the penalty and VAR referee Stuart Atwell agreed:

“It was 100 per cent a penalty, like that in every area of ​​the pitch. It’s definitely a 100 percent foul and should have been a yellow card,” Klopp told สมัคร ufabet.

“Everyone around me with an iPad said it was a clear penalty. But it wasn’t clear to the referee”

when talking about his team’s performance in this game. The German coach added: “It was a really great game. In the second half we showed our best form against Manchester City.”

“We never had more possession than them. But in this game, especially in the second half, my boys did a great job. I’m very happy with the whole performance. In the first 10 minutes we didn’t play very well. But then it got better and better, even though the results weren’t what we wanted.”