Neville FC Vout Weghorst: More useful than Ronaldo.

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Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville believes that. Manchester United striker Vout Weghorst is too homely to play for the English giants. Because if you look at the statistics of the existence of the Dutch spear. It benefits the team more than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Voight was on loan from Burnley in January and made 19 appearances. Scoring two goals and providing two assists in all competitions. Looking at the numbers, it is considered very small for the #9 striker ‘Red Devils’.

But Neville cited statistics to show the benefit to the team and the result. The 30-year-old has helped manager Erik ten Hag to win more points than ‘CR 7’ degree ballon 5 times. Emphasizing that Dutch football is a type of gilded behind the monk UFABET

“Since Sunday’s game (0-2 to Newcastle). There have been moments where he’s looked pretty average. Since joining Manchester United. I’ve always wanted to call him – the defender. Because United weren’t as invested in the striker position as they wanted.”

“Any test deserves to stop. Weghorts’ intensity won’t last long. The reason why he continued to play. You look at the stats compared between the two in 19 matches.”

“Weghorst helped the team 12 wins, 4 draws, 3 losses, maybe only scoring two goals. But the team can hit more than 37 balls. 

“Compared to Cristiano’s 19 games they won three less. Lost four more when he played – maybe 11 but the whole team only scored 23. That’s a huge difference huge” 

“It’s a strange thing in football. For a player who is often criticized as not being good enough as a center forward for Manchester United. But has brought a lot of benefits to the team.”

“I still believe that Cristiano is the best player of all time.” 

Part of Vout’s lack of acknowledgment is his lack of goals in the English Premier League. While his last goal was in the Europa League Round of 16 first leg against Real Betis in early March or a month ago .