Raising the teachings of parents bullying me, comparing the case of Chelsea-Potter.

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Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville has stripped his article Parents Bullying Me. To compare what happened at Chelsea to that of recently sacked former head coach Graeme Potter is the owner’s son. Todd Bohly is a money-making parent.

Potter is the Blues’ second head coach this season after Thomas Tuchel was sacked earlier this season. All born in the days of berserk owners Boehly. 

In Neville’s view, the sloppiness at Stamford Bridge this season stems from Bohly’s shredded buyout policy. Which has failed to consult operators on the need for number and placement overlap. 

compared to my parents bullying me. Only giving money but never teaching how to be a good person in order to survive in society 

“Typically for a team owner to sack a head coach it is based on 24-48 hours. After the result of the last game. But it has to focus on the gross mood of the last few weeks or menstrual cycles.” UFABET

Neville commented. 

“I think if they were in a general situation or a universal mindset. Chelsea would have made the bill. Before the international break to have time to find a replacement, prepare for the job ahead.”

“Even the result on Saturday (0-2 defeat against Aston Villa). It must have shocked them a lot. Not the expected result.”

“I’m about to deal with Liverpool in the middle of the week. So I have to defeat Villa Sermkwan first. but when failed. The owner saw that it had to be changed.” 

“Potter’s performance record is not great. But what happened was like the owners gulped when they said it was a long-term project.”

“If you are to blame, you will have to say that it is the owner of the team who who grabbed all the new players.” 

“I described Chelsea as a messy team at the beginning of the season. And still haven’t changed my mind. They’re close to a football game manager, like a kid lost in a candy store. And I don’t know which one to pick up. This incident led to a disastrous event.”  

Chelsea have a £ 248 million bid in the summer of 2022 and a further £ 323 million in January 2023 , worth more than the Italian Serie A , German Bundesliga , Spanish La Liga and French Ligue 1 four leagues. Leading Europe bought together again.