The Sky Sports duo beat Levy to lose a little. It’s hard to lose.

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Sky Sports analysts Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher disagree with Tottenham Hotspur’s chairman Daniel Levy giving Christian Stellini a chance. Little Charamee acted until the end of the season. Because he was out of control. And choosing this choice is probably because the team wants to choose the right thing first.

Spurs sacked head coach Antonio Conte for lashing out at his team and club in a draw. Southampton 3-3 before the national team break. 

Levy made a bet on the Champions League quota on Stellini. Conte’s right-hand man, with Under-21 head coach Ryan Mason as his partner. Making his debut at Goodison Park only a draw with Everton 1-1. 

For this reason, the 2 gurus have compressed Levi that he has a working philosophy of liking things first without looking at quality. In the end, it will be a pity. If next season’s Champions League tickets will slip out UFABET

“I thought it was strange to leave the caretaker job for Stellini. As I learned earlier that you just sack Conte. But everything is the same there.”

Carragher said. 

“The last 7-8 games of the season are left. But I don’t think they’ve changed much. Unless you get a team manager who aims to grow the team in the next 2-3 seasons. Because otherwise, let Stellini heal and nothing will change. 

While Neville urged Levy to be the least difficult type. Therefore, there will be a delay waiting for the discount. Or hope for good, cheap products to remain in the market Sports.

“I don’t think Levy helped himself in a good situation. When asking Tuxi to go with his right-hand man, Conte tried to deceive himself that the mission could be accomplished. But in reality he did not want to invest in a good manager in the short term until the end of the season.” The former Manchester United defender added. 

“The manager of the team, like he wants £10-15 million per year. When there is still £5-6 million per year for the staff. So I saw that it was better to raise Stellini until the end of the season.

“It can be seen that no manager wants to take a short-term job like Spurs want. But sacking head coach Conte and taking. No. In the push-up staff instead, it’s ridiculous.”

“If you are an experienced sports director. In this situation, he must be agile and agile enough to cope.” 

“For example, Manchester United got Ralf Rangnick in last season. It might not be cool I didn’t say perfect. But if you’re looking to change the club’s direction in the last 10 games. Don’t take #2. of the previous coach came to interrupt the army.” 

“The need is to find new impulses. But Stellini’s stay is the same. So I’m not sure Spurs’ base is now the happiest place to work.

The ‘ Golden Spur ‘ is actually 4th in the table. But it’s more competitive than all competitors in the group vying for the Champions League.