Vault blames poor pitch for Dutch’s joy.

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Vault Weghorst, the Netherlands national team striker blames the poor condition of Greece’s OPAP Arena. Causing them to win 1-0 and he also missed a penalty kick football.

‘Oranye’ had a chance to take the lead from the 28th minute. But Vault couldn’t score. Fortunately, injury time called for another foul in the 18-yard box, this time Virgil van Dijk lost it, making it 12. The same points as Greece. But having played one less match. UFABET There is a greater chance of finishing 2nd, behind France in qualifying for Euro 2024. 

Three important points made Hoffenheim’s striker relieved because if he just drew him he would feel guilty towards his teammates. On the other hand, they blamed the stadium in Athens for being the worst they’ve ever seen. 

“I’m standing here staring with mixed feelings.” Opening his mouth through the ‘NOS’ network.

“The time when I was substituted. Sitting on the sidelines feeling bitter. I can only pray that in the end it will end beautifully. which finally closed the work.” 

“Personally, I wanted to take responsibility for the penalty kill, but I missed the shot. We could sit and talk about it for days. But I saw that the shot was really bad.”

“You know from the beginning that away games here are not easy. With the situation before entering the field including the playing methods of competitors It was full of pressure.” 

“Not only the home fans but especially the pitch is a disaster.”  

“It’s the worst field I’ve ever played on. It also has rocks. It makes it more difficult to play.” 

The ‘Orange Knights’ control their own destiny in the final two games. Needing only wins against Ireland and Gibraltar in November to advance to the final round in Germany in the middle of next year.