Kyle Walker aims to compound his account.

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Kyle Walker the right-back England national team He admits that. He still has a grudge against the Italian national team after the Euro 2020 final. Which they lost to the championship on penalties. Therefore, when there is an opportunity to account for the Euro 2024 qualifying football game (Oct. 17). I want to get the money back by compounding interest.

Enemies from the national championship two years ago came to duel at Wembley Stadium again after a 1-1 draw in 120 minutes. UFABET With the ‘Azzurri’ shooting more accurately to win the championship. The result was 3-2. 

Kyle Walker a member of that team, no matter how many times he thinks about it. He still regrets it. I want to get my heart back. 

“That night we almost won the championship.” the opening statement at the press conference before meeting Italy. 

“It’s been a really special summer and we almost did it. It was so close to concede a goal from a set-piece when we played well was a disaster.”

“I am the type of person who is disappointed before being successful. For example, at the club level like Manchester City. They defeated Inter Milan last June. If we go back two years ago to the Champions League final in Portugal, we lost to Chelsea.” 

“The players and team raised the level from then. He came to win the triple championship.”

“I think you can learn from the opportunity to pass the finals and be a loser. It is about taking a step back and achieving great things.”

Asian Handicap England handicap -10, total score of two goals and two and a half goals -10